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“Discover community poems and poetry and write your own with the social network for Poets! Vote and comment on the poems

“Discover community poems and poetry and write your own with the social network for Poets! Vote and comment on the poems of the members to elect the best poets of the day, week and month!

★★★ Social Application for Poetry ★★★

You’ll love this app even if you can’t stand poetry!

✓ Browse all Community poems
✓ Share them on Facebook and Twitter
✓ Vote and comment on each poem and poetry
✓ Add friends and easily find their poems
✓ Search by categories or keywords in a poem
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Here are the most common categories in this application that can be used for better organization

✓ Positive Feelings: Love, Desire, Enjoyment, Sincerity, Happiness, Solidarity,

✓ Negative Feelings: Sadness, Jealousy, Infidelity, Anger, Hate, Fear, Spleen Despair

✓ Family: Brother, Sister, Mom, Dad, Child, Grandmother, Grandfather,

✓ Life: Birth, Couple, Marriage, Death, Religion,

✓ Miscellaneous: Erotism, Humor, Prose, Animals, Birthday, First Name, Letter Acrostic

✓ Known: Duo, Fantasy, Fanatic, Open letters, Nature, First Name, Surrealism

✓ More: Rant, Ecology, Tribute, Sports, Pregnancy, Dedication, Friend, Weekend, Romantic, Christmas, Relaxation, Vacations, Flowers, Passion, Valentine’s Day

★ Poems ★
“I know what seeing is!
As I saw you that day for the first time
So I know what liking is!

I know what striking is!
As I stroke stone against stone
So I know what the spark is!

I know what rubbing is!
As I rubbed heart against heart
So I know what love is!

I know what caring is!
As I had been used to it since we met
So I know what soft touch is!

I know what fire is!
As I had been burning along with you
So I know what nectar is!

I know what compassion is!
As I have experienced it with you
So I know what affection is!

I know what addiction is!
As I have been addicted to the smell of you
So I know what obsession is!

I know what memory is!
As I have experienced the break up
So I know what the hurt is!

I know what mistake is!
As I have been the victim of misjudgement
So I know what reconciliation is!

I know what longing is!
As I have suffered from emptiness
So I know what she is!

I know what losing is!
As I have lost in the rough wind
So I know what I miss!”

★ Definitions ★

Poetry is an ancient genre which can adopt various styles. It is usually written in verse -although prose is also acceptable- and favors the expressiveness of form over substance. Its definition proves difficult and varies over time. In fact, its function and expression evolves and changes with centuries and individual poets. The word “poetry” comes from the Greek “poiein”, which means “to make, to create”.

As such, the poet is a creator, an inventor of expressive forms, which is perfectly illustrated by the Middle Ages terms “minstrel” and “troubadour”. The poet, heir to a long oral tradition, emphasizes musicality and rhythm, leading to the use of a verse form in most poetic texts to make language more convoluted.

★ Quotes ★

“No poem can be as great, noble, and truly worthy of the name of the poem as those written solely for the pleasure of writing a poem.”

“Good poetry teaches, conveys ethical principles and serves a purpose.”

“Every poem is a treasure of feelings.”

“The poem, this extended hesitation between sound and sense.”

“Poetry is a religion without hope.”

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