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Description of ZedusaLITE Photo Image Resizer ****TOP 50 in the paid media & video category!40,000 downloads for Zedusa

Description of ZedusaLITE Photo Image Resizer ****TOP 50 in the paid media & video category!40,000 downloads for Zedusa LITE and going strong!Thank you to all for using Zedusa. ****Zedusa is a simple and lightweight app that shrinks photos in size in order to pass them to an application that is capable of sending them such as E-mail, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Blogs etc.It you want to 1 or 2 star us, please at least also leave a comment or e-mail us (info@aroha.mobi) explaining what's wrong so we can fix it.Resize and send all your images and photos with at most 2 clicks (can be set to 0!). Reducing the size of them will drastically reduce the time it takes to send e-mails and upload them to other sites.It's a great tool for those on the move, in a bus or car, on the train etc. where your phone's reception might not be the most reliable and you want to send a small photo as quickly as possible.** Unlike most apps, this app can either be launched directly to be used or you can send photos from other apps that have a Share (or Send To) button. **==> How to use <==1. Launch your photo Gallery or file browsing software OR From opening Zedusa, you have 3 buttons on the help screen: – Launch Gallery to find the photos – Find the files with the built-in file browser – Take a photo directly within Zedusa and resize it immediately2. (When choosing from Gallery) Click the Share (or Send to) button3. (When choosing from Gallery) Select Zedusa4. Choose size reduction % (tick the checkbox to make it the default value)5. Choose application to send photos to (tick the checkbox to make it the default app)==> How to use the automatic resize feature <==1. Open Zedusa2. Menu -> Settings3. Enable "automatically process folder"4. Enter the folder's path (e.g. /mnt/sdcard, /storage/sdcard0/DCIM/Camera etc.). If you don't know the path, you can use the file browser from the main screen in the app (the big middle icon).5. Save an image file in that folder and Zedusa will automatically process that image* 6. You may optionally set the default resize percent and destination application to totally automate resizing images.== Lite (free) version limitations ==* Limited size reduction percentages* Wait timer between photo processing* Advertising* No more than 3 photos can be selected at one time* Automatic image resize feature is disabled* Custom resize width/height is disabled== Full version benefits ==* More choices for size reduction* Faster resize processing of photos* No advertising* Unlimited multiple photo selection* Can automatically resize images when saved to a folder* Can specify width/height to resize to, instead of %==> Major features <==* Free (Zedusa LITE) and paid versions* 0 or maximum 2 click operation* Choose reduction size in percentages, not pixel sizes (90%, 80%… 10%)* Can optionally enter your own custom size* Can choose to resize the original image file* Can specify a custom output folder to save images in* Automatically resize images when files are saved in a specified folder* Display of predicted output image dimensions based on average width/height of input images* Available in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean* Supports input of all major image types; JPG, GIF, PNG etc.* Output images are saved as JPG files (quality level 75) in the "Zedusa" folder on your external media* Single or multiple photo selection* Progress bar and screen notifications displaying info such as number of images resized and old/new filename and dimensions* Images are displayed on the background as they're shrunk* EXIF data for JPG files are preserved (GPS, camera model etc.)* Rotation to correct orientation performed automatically for JPG images with EXIF orientation data* Can set the default reduction % so that value is the default for all images resized by Zedusa* Can set the default application that Zedusa sends the resized images to* Function to delete and view total number/size of resized images

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